The Blind Man

I will create a 'slide show' by The Blind Man (Der Blinde) who obsessively travels to document images without acknowledging.
Images without notions. Everything is in rectangular shape.
They signify 'memory never consumed' which is like 'empty memory', however, it is not the same if you'd say 'no memory'.
His full of 'the memory' will actually be consumed by 'others' (invitees to his 'slide show').
He has whole other memory (which he never consciously collect) which will never sync with his 'empty memory' (which he is obsessed to collect.)
You are invited to consume 'the memory'. Welcome to the 'slide show'!


o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) - Sound Artist/Interactive Environment
"Art of Disappearance" continues. - Based in Brooklyn, New York, sound artist, composer, core member  of  SHARE(http://share.dj),  o.blaat  (keiko  uenishi)  is  known  for  creating  various  interactive audio environments such as 'beat piece (with Ping-Pong game)', 'audio coat check', 'coupier', 'fillip'.  
All of which were resulted from her ceaseless pursuits of ways to erase performer's presence and ultimately alter listening situation.  
After performing with an unique hand-made electronic sound system ‘tapboard.effector.soundsystem’ for a couple of years, Uenishi has been exploring powerbook's mobility and its least distracting state of being. 
Her powerbook solo works have been presented at: The Kitchen, Austrian Cultural Forum, Whitney Museum of American Art, P.S. 1, American Museum of Moving Image, Chelsea Art Museum, UnityGain, Rhizome.org, White Columns, MIT, Cornell Univercity, Vox Populi Gallery, Phonotaktik Festival (Vienna), ClubTransmediale Festival 2004 (Berlin), LU (Nantes), Zoobizarre (Bordeaux), Transfert 2003 (Lille-Paris-Poitiers-Bordeaux), STEIM (Amsterdam), WORM (Rotterdam), RAS gallery (Barcelona), What Is Music? Festival (Melbourne and Sydney).

She has collaborated with DJ Olive, Toshio Kajiwara, Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld, Kaffe Matthews, Ralph Steinbrüchel, Miguel Frasconi, Klaus Filip, Miya Masaoka, Sachiko M, Nobukazu Takemura, Ryuichi Sakamoto, 242.pilots, among many others.
o.blaat’s first official CD “Two Novels: Gaze/In the Cochlea” was released from Portuguese label, crónica (http://cronicaelectronica.org) in 2004.
She was a recipient for Harvestworks' Artist-In-Residence 2004 for New Works for surround sound system 5.1, and Van Lier Foundation/Harvestworks’  fellowship grant for young electronic composers 2000-2001.

More info available at http://obla.at